Tears Flow, out 21st November

Following on from the enormous success of the tracks Castles and Time to Go, taken from his EP earlier in the year, Ben Walker returns with a brand new release Tears Flow. The new single features another examination of the sorrows, joys, and challenges of everyday life. Utilising an indie-country pop blend, Tears Flow highlights Ben’s concise and perceptive observational skills, using a narrative augmented by a tender, intimate vocal and enhanced by an organic spirited group sound. As Ben says about the new release, ‘Tears Flow is a nod to all those who feel they have to put up a “front”. It was inspired by a friend of mine who always came across in public and on social media as being highly successful and very happy – in fact, if I’m honest, I felt I couldn’t live up to their achievements. One day they let slip that they had been going through a very difficult time – I felt stupid for not realising, but they’d seemed the “life and soul of the party”, the reality, behind closed doors, was quite different.’ Ben is now balancing writing new material with regular performances both around Sydney and further afield and has recently had the chance to co-write with Allan Caswell, Beth Lucas, and Stephen Dobson. In January, Ben will again head to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for a set of shows and to host a stage showcasing upcoming country music talent. With previous support from KIX COUNTRY NETWORK, ABC LOCAL, TAMWORTH 2TM, 2MO – SUPER NETWORK, FLOW FM NETWORK, GOOD MORNING COUNTRY SYNDICATION and AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY SYNDICATION, Tears Flow is sure to generate nationwide attention and cement Ben Walker’s reputation as one of Australia’s most outstanding contemporary country music talents.

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