“Time to go” – Official Press Release

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Walker releases his debut EP “Time To Go” – https://linktr.ee/benwalkermusic.

“Time To Go” is about Ben’s relationship with music and his musical journey. Each track on the EP has a special meaning, from Castles – which was one of the earliest songs Ben wrote, to Funfair, which is a look back on the last 2 years where he decided to leave full time work and focus on his music. The title track on the EP “Time To Go” once again explores the minutiae of everyday life yet extends the theme to incorporate the complexities of love. Ben’s ability to weave the domestic with the romantic in an understated way is just one of many inviting aspects of his music. As Ben says about the new track, ‘This song started out being about those times when what makes sense and what you are passionate about don’t align. The more it developed, though, the more it turned into a story about how I first met my wife and what It feels like to be in a long-distance relationship—you know you’re in love, but it’s always someone’s turn to leave.’. That desire to communicate and connect is evident on “Time To Go”. Whether it’s Ben’s alluring vocal style, his melodic sensibility or the emotional pull of the lyric, his new release will undoubtedly attract across the board media attention and endear him to enthusiastic audiences everywhere.