Introducing “Time to go” – Track 1

On Friday, my first EP “Time to go” releases. The EP is about my relationship with music and my musical journey. Each track on the EP has a special meaning to me, from Castles – which was one of the earliest songs I wrote, to Funfair, which is a look back on the last 2 years where I decided to leave full time work and focus on my music.

Track 1 on the EP is “Castles”, which we released as a single last year. There is lots of information on Castles already on the website but as a quick recap – I got the initial idea sat in the coffee shop at work, back in 2018 – it was one of those days when you could bring your children into the office and across the room from me, a lady sat with her young son. Every so often, someone she knew would come along and she would need to talk work and yet all she really wanted to do was play with her son. It got me thinking about how much women sacrifice and how much my own wife does for me and our two sons. This song is a little dedication to my wife and the perfect opener for the EP.

For details on the other tracks on the EP, please visit: HOME | Time To Go (

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