Tamworth Schedule

Ben’s Tamworth schedule is listed below, if you are at the festival, pop into a show!

Friday 13th

11am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

4-5pm Oasis Hotel

8.10pm Riverside Stage

Saturday 14th

7am – 2TM interview

9am – Kix Country interview

6.30pm Papa Luigi

Sunday 15th

10.15am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

3.30pm Oasis Hotel

Monday 16th

3pm Tamworth City Bowling Club

4-5pm Oasis Hotel

6-6.45pm Toyota Fanzone Stage

Wednesday 18th

11am – 11.45am Golden Guitar

7.30pm Here’s a song I wrote with Allan Caswell, Tamworth Services Club

9.15pm Riverside Stage

Thursday 19th

10am-1pm Kmart Stage

4pm Tamworth City Bowling Club

6.30pm Papa Luigi

Friday 20th

11.45am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

Every day except Wednesday, Ben will be hosting the Kmart Stage in Tamworth Square 10am -1pm

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