New Single for Ben Walker Well Received

New Single for Ben Walker Well Received The latest release from Ben Walker “Meant To Be” seems to be making its mark with radio and video watchers alike. The comments from radio stations have certainly been encouraging considering Ben was extremely nervous about how this song would be received.
Ben says ” I’ll admit to still being a little nervous – it’s a song I’m very proud of but its not the pop country that so many stations are playing now.” 
Perhaps Ben’s nervousness is a tad misplaced given the comments we have received and the fact that the song on YouTube attracted over 1,000 hits in the first few days of release, now eight days later over 2,000. The video was produced and edited by Ben himself and carries the essence of the song well.
If you are playing the song we’d love to hear from you.
Wherever the song takes Ben from here, it’s “Meant To Be”.
Available through CRS Publicity, AMRAP and all streaming platforms.

Interviews: Cameron Syrett: 0437 880 887