“I Won’t Forget” – Press Release

Sydney based singer-songwriter Ben Walker has started 2023 at pace. After a busy Tamworth festival which saw him attract new fans as part of a packed 15+ show schedule, he is now releasing the beautifully crafted “I Won’t Forget” – a song co-written with Allan Caswell, Beth Lucas and Stephen Dobson.

A gifted songwriter in his own right, Ben’s last single “Tears Flow” went straight into the AMRAP top 10, and saw his music continue to be supported by networks such as Kix Country, ABC Local, Tamworth 2TM, 2MO – Super Network, Flow FM, Good Morning Country and Australian Country Radio.

Written in response to his mother’s Alzheimer diagnosis last year, “I Won’t Forget” talks to those things that matter most in our closest relationships. 

Stream the song:


Upcoming gigs

While Ben is focused on the release of his new song “I Won’t Forget”, alongside recording for his 2023 Album in March, he has announced 2 new gig dates for April:

Sunday 2nd April, Venue TBD (Sydney), supporting “The Violet Bard’s” Single release.

Wednesday April 26th, Sappho Bar, Glebe, 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Tamworth Schedule

Ben’s Tamworth schedule is listed below, if you are at the festival, pop into a show!

Friday 13th

11am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

4-5pm Oasis Hotel

8.10pm Riverside Stage

Saturday 14th

7am – 2TM interview

9am – Kix Country interview

6.30pm Papa Luigi

Sunday 15th

10.15am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

3.30pm Oasis Hotel

Monday 16th

3pm Tamworth City Bowling Club

4-5pm Oasis Hotel

6-6.45pm Toyota Fanzone Stage

Wednesday 18th

11am – 11.45am Golden Guitar

7.30pm Here’s a song I wrote with Allan Caswell, Tamworth Services Club

9.15pm Riverside Stage

Thursday 19th

10am-1pm Kmart Stage

4pm Tamworth City Bowling Club

6.30pm Papa Luigi

Friday 20th

11.45am Kmart Stage, Tamworth Sq.

Every day except Wednesday, Ben will be hosting the Kmart Stage in Tamworth Square 10am -1pm

Tears Flow, out 21st November

Following on from the enormous success of the tracks Castles and Time to Go, taken from his EP earlier in the year, Ben Walker returns with a brand new release Tears Flow. The new single features another examination of the sorrows, joys, and challenges of everyday life. Utilising an indie-country pop blend, Tears Flow highlights Ben’s concise and perceptive observational skills, using a narrative augmented by a tender, intimate vocal and enhanced by an organic spirited group sound. As Ben says about the new release, ‘Tears Flow is a nod to all those who feel they have to put up a “front”. It was inspired by a friend of mine who always came across in public and on social media as being highly successful and very happy – in fact, if I’m honest, I felt I couldn’t live up to their achievements. One day they let slip that they had been going through a very difficult time – I felt stupid for not realising, but they’d seemed the “life and soul of the party”, the reality, behind closed doors, was quite different.’ Ben is now balancing writing new material with regular performances both around Sydney and further afield and has recently had the chance to co-write with Allan Caswell, Beth Lucas, and Stephen Dobson. In January, Ben will again head to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for a set of shows and to host a stage showcasing upcoming country music talent. With previous support from KIX COUNTRY NETWORK, ABC LOCAL, TAMWORTH 2TM, 2MO – SUPER NETWORK, FLOW FM NETWORK, GOOD MORNING COUNTRY SYNDICATION and AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY SYNDICATION, Tears Flow is sure to generate nationwide attention and cement Ben Walker’s reputation as one of Australia’s most outstanding contemporary country music talents.

“Hats Off to Country” Festival 2022

Tamworth – was lovely once again, colonies of bats, mountain goats, great music fans and lots of music! This was the first time I’ve experienced music lovers purposely going to multiple venues to see me more than once at the same festival so that was lovely – as was people stopping me in the pubs to talk about my music.

As Andy Penkow says, musicians love music so it was great to see so many good musicians over the weekend too including Brendan Smoother, Brendan Nawrocki, Jake Murdoch, Kirsty Bolton, Pixie Jenkins, and Rae Leigh.

A big thank you once again to Mike Vee the Tamworth Songwriters Association and three great venues – The Oasis, The Pub and The Post Office Hotel, for the opportunity.

See you at a gig very soon!

“Time to go” – Official Press Release

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Walker releases his debut EP “Time To Go” – https://linktr.ee/benwalkermusic.

“Time To Go” is about Ben’s relationship with music and his musical journey. Each track on the EP has a special meaning, from Castles – which was one of the earliest songs Ben wrote, to Funfair, which is a look back on the last 2 years where he decided to leave full time work and focus on his music. The title track on the EP “Time To Go” once again explores the minutiae of everyday life yet extends the theme to incorporate the complexities of love. Ben’s ability to weave the domestic with the romantic in an understated way is just one of many inviting aspects of his music. As Ben says about the new track, ‘This song started out being about those times when what makes sense and what you are passionate about don’t align. The more it developed, though, the more it turned into a story about how I first met my wife and what It feels like to be in a long-distance relationship—you know you’re in love, but it’s always someone’s turn to leave.’. That desire to communicate and connect is evident on “Time To Go”. Whether it’s Ben’s alluring vocal style, his melodic sensibility or the emotional pull of the lyric, his new release will undoubtedly attract across the board media attention and endear him to enthusiastic audiences everywhere.